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Hej (That's how we say "hi" in Swedish),

At Nordic EDC, we uphold a tradition of reliable and attractive leather goods to last a lifetime. We love the look of a beautifully aged and cared for leather item. Leather is such a living material which develops a beautiful patina reflecting the lifestyle you live. In a way, it reflects you!


It all started for me with my obsession with shoes. I remember when I was a kid, I longed for the latest and greatest Nike, Adidas sneakers. However, with my family’s financial situation, it was never an option to spend on these brands. When I got a little older I splurged on getting some super nice sneakers which were amazing! However, soon my individuality and fashion sense evolved (definitely for the better according to my wife!) to more ”grown up” utilitarian looks with raw selvedge denims, flannel shirts and nicely handcrafted goodyear welted boots. Sneakers were a thing of the past for me. I started to appreciate the finer things with life as they say! A little more upfront cost but much cheaper in the long run in addition to the whole manic obsession about breaking your gear in and beating it up to develop a beautiful patina and then give some TLC (tender loving care for once who missed the whole hipster movement).

I have also always had an interest in entrepreneurship and it only grew stronger with the advent of e-commerce and the massive industry development with Amazon, Ebay and then again back to more unique and artisan brands online which provide enormous value versus the cheap use and throw goods on big platforms. I have been helping other businesses with e-commerce for several years in addition to running my own business in home decoration industry as well. I always felt a need to understand how things that I love and am fascinated about are made. All the process steps, the attention to details the skills needed etc.

After over a decade of working with mundane jobs in multinational companies my urge to do something with my passion (shoes, denims, leather goods), my interest (entrepreneurship) and my skills (IT, web and e-commerce developments) just got the better off me and I decided that I need to just do it! So here is how I wish to develop the company, Nordic EDC.

Custom Made Leather Belts


Nordic EDC is a small brand producing small quantities of everyday carry goods using the most premium materials available sustainably. Every product bearing a Nordic EDC maker mark shall have superb attention to details and will always show that it is handmade by skilled and passionate people.


We start with one of the most essential companion to any denim and boot lover, a beautifully handmade leather belt made using premium vegetable tanned leather and heavy duty solid brass hardware. It is a subtle addition to a man’s outfit. A belt that does its job properly divides the torso from the lower body. A belt can be coordinated with a pair or footwear or make a bold statement with a contrasting color. A belt is an everyday add on piece that can enhance your outfit and give you a more complete look!

Nordic EDC leather and hardware


For us only the best would do, and naturally, we wanted to use some of the world’s finest premium leather we could find. Luckily we didn’t have to look too far. All our leather comes from Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden; which is one of the only 5% tanneries globally that still produce vegetable tanned leather. All their leather is locally sourced from farms nearby. All the leather we use is tested and certified to be free from harmful substances and is controlled and certified as 100% organic. For our leather belts we use only full grain leather which is the best quality leather available.  


We looked back at history to find several examples of beautiful, simple and practical implementation of solid brass hardware in tools and saddlery. Compared to pure metals, brass is harder, does not rust even in salty water and does not get coated in ice during winter. Obviously, to match our premium leathers we were going to use solid brass hardware manufactured using traditional techniques similar to the ones used for almost 4000 years; based on casting of melted brass into sand molds followed by manual grinding and polishing the surface. We source all our brass hardware from USA and Europe. Our hardware are of excellent quality and are extremely durable.


We custom size most of our belts. We believe with such a high quality product it is crucial that we get every detail of the belt right. It's no point if we make the best belt in the world but it is the wrong size and doesn't fit well. We size the belt from the tip of the buckle to the middle hole in the belt. This gives room to go two holes up or down in size.

For all of our leather belts we choose 4 mm thick heavy duty leather that will literally outlast you if used and cared for well. All our leather straps are hand edged and beveled to round off the sharp edges. Then they are lightly sanded if needed before burnishing the edges to get a smooth and durable finish that prevents fraying of the edges.

We keep the thickness of the leather on the bends to secure durability. It always amazes me why most belts thin the leather at the point where it has the most stress and is most likely to fail! On the topic of durability, we also don’t stitch the ends of the belt as stitches are also a common point of failure in a belt. Instead we use solid brass Chicago screws which are easy to replace if they ever break, another way to secure a good long life of the belt.

Every belt is lightly treated with natural oils and conditioner and gets some heavy brushing with a nice horse hair brush. We also recommend you to oil or condition your leather belt once in a while when the leather feels a bit dry. Once we are totally satisfied with our product and it meets our own expectations, we press our makers mark on the leather. This is a proud moment for us. We then carefully pack our creation in a solid cardboard box before being shipped.

handmade leather belt


We have a product roadmap ahead of us.    

As our name suggests, we wish to sell everyday carry (EDC) goods that suit or are necessary for the Nordic weather. In addition to the belts, we already make belt loop key chain which another essential EDC item which complements our belts nicely. We wish to extend our leather accessories range and start the design process with our own take on a wallet which fits a modern rugged lifestyle needs. If you are a woman, let us remind you that we will produce our accessories range suitable for women as well with slight modifications in the form of the product. Today people travel regularly and with that comes the need to carry your essentials around with a backpack or a bag. We wish to have a premium range of waxed canvas bags with leather details in the near future. And lastly coming full circle of how I started with my obsession with shoes, we wish to design well-made goodyear welted footwear that can dress up or down any outfit!   

So, keep in touch. We have a fun little journey ahead and we would love for you to join us!


Founder @ Nordic EDC

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