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Dog Collars and Leashes

Customize your dog’s accessories game with our premium leather custom dog collars and leashes set. Engraved and personalized name tag with name and telephone number, our handcrafted braided dog collar and leash set is not only a fashion statement but also a functional piece. Looking for custom gifts for dogs or dog owners? Our handmade leather collar and lead set is the answer! Make a statement with our handmade braided dog collar and lead, a must-have for any dog owner seeking a unique and personalized accessory for their furry friend.

Leather Dog Collars

Each dog collar comes in several sizes so you can always find the perfect fit for your dog. As with everything at Nordic EDC, our dog collars and leashes are handmade by a single artisan. 

We are very serious about sustainability and not harming the nature. Hence, we use leather that is a byproduct of the meat and dairy industry and also Chromium free. We use beautiful Swedish full grain vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö Garveri. These leathers creates hard-wearing, handsome collars that will last your dog’s lifetime. 

With such amazing leather, we have also created several designs from a simple strap to more complex and time-consuming braided collars. Over time, these collars will develop a rich patina and age gracefully, showcasing the wonderful adventures your dog has had with them. 

Which design do you fancy for your pooch? 

Personalized leather dog collars
Leather dog collar name tags

Personalised Dog Name Tags

Dogs are so much more than pets. For many including me, they are like my kids. And you know with kids, sometimes they do stuff that is unexpected. Safety is paramount with dogs and that’s why we provide a personalised dog name tag with every collar. 

Each collar comes with a laser engraved tag which includes details such as your dog’s name and emergency telephone number. Engravings look amazing and can improve your dog’s safety if they get lost out while wearing their collar. 

The name tag uses matching leather as the collar. Thick and beautiful that’ll last just as nicely as the collar. We even use brass eyelets to secure that they not only look great but don’t accidentally tear when pulled by mistake. 

Leather Dog Leashes

Handcrafted with full grain Swedish leather and solid brass hardware, our leather dog leashes are designed with the owner’s comfort in mind. We’ve intentionally used a thin strap of 20mm, ensuring the leash is lightweight and comfortable to hold, even if your dog is pulling. The heritage-quality leather holds up to even the most energetic dog’s antics. 

The 120 cm (four-feet) length provides your dog with the right amount of lead to feel free on their walk without getting too far ahead of you. These leather leashed are the last ones you’ll buy and will last the rest of your dog’s life — guaranteed.

Check out our range of matching leather leashes and collars!

Personalised leather dog leashes


When it comes to your furry friends, leather dog collars are a smart and safe choice.

Unlike some other materials, leather collars don’t wear out easily. They’re like a trusty heirloom, staying just as strong and reliable a decade from now as they were on day one.

Studies have shown that force-based training collars, like shock and prong collars, can be tough on your pup’s health. In contrast, leather collars are soft and gentle.

Want to take safety up a notch? You can even engrave your dog’s name and phone number on your leather dog collar. That way, if your dog ever decides to go on an adventure without you, people will know who to call. Peace of mind and style in one package! 

Here’s the scoop on leather dog collars: they’re like a cozy hug for your furry friend! 😊

You see, leather is natural and soft against your pup’s skin, and that means fewer chances of any itchy or irritated moments. It’s basically a VIP treatment for dogs with sensitive skin – they’ll thank you for the comfort! 🐾❤️

Common myth busted! 🌧️🐕‍🚿

Many people think dog collars and water is a recipe for disaster, but truth is, they can handle a little wet adventure. While it’s a good idea to give your pup’s leather collar a break during bath time, a good-quality one can handle some raindrops or playful splashes without breaking a sweat.

If Mother Nature surprises your furry friend with a downpour, no worries! Just take off the collar, shake off the water, and let it air-dry naturally. Remember, no heat-blasting, though – leather doesn’t like that.

When it’s still a bit damp, give it some TLC with leather conditioner to keep it supple and soft. Then, let it finish drying naturally at room temperature away from heaters and radiators. Your dog’s collar will thank you! 🌦️🐶👌

When your new collar arrives, you’ll immediately notice the rich, earthy scent of high-quality leather. It’s an aroma worth falling in love with, far more appealing than the synthetic, chemical odors of low-quality “genuine” leathers or nylon collars.

However, it’s essential to know that no collar is entirely immune to the dreaded wet dog smell if not properly cleaned and maintained.

Unpleasant dog collar odors can arise from various sources, including:

  • Encounters with skunks
  • Development of mold or mildew
  • Exposure to pond scum, mud, or other environmental factors
  • Bacterial buildup
  • Parasite infestations

To keep your leather collar smelling fresh, regular cleaning is key. If your furry friend starts to emit unpleasant odors and is due for a bath, chances are their collar could use a wash too.

Absolutely! Washing your leather dog collar is not only possible but we recommend it to keep it clean and fresh.

To ensure your collar remains in excellent condition throughout its life, follow these steps for washing leather:

  1. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Instead of using harsh chemicals, gently wipe the collar with a damp cloth soaked in water.

  2. Deeper Cleaning: For a deeper clean, especially if the collar is heavily soiled, consider using a leather-specific cleaning solution or leather scrub. Again, avoid harsh chemicals. 

  3. No Heat: Never dry the collar with heat like hair dryer or laying them on or close to radiators, as this can dry and crack the leather.  Let it air-dry naturally at room temperature.

  4. Conditioning: When the collar is slightly damp, apply a leather conditioning balm. This will help restore natural oils to the leather, preventing it from drying out or developing cracks. We recommend ones without any silicone. Usually a high quality bees wax and neatsfoot oil based leather conditioner works best.

The size of your dog collar is important. You don’t want it too tight as it can rub against the fur/skin and irritate the skin. And you don’t want it so loose that the dog slips out of the collar. The best way to measure your dog is to measure around the base of the neck of your dog with a tape measure. Insert a couple of your fingers for comfort and record the measurement in cm. Identify the size in our size options that matches your measurement.

It’s important to check the collar’s fit on a weekly basis. Dogs can grow, and leather collars can stretch. Checking regularly allows you to adjust the fit of the collar as necessary.

You’ve probably seen those nylon dog collars everywhere, right? They’re pretty popular, but here’s the deal – popular doesn’t always mean best.

Nylon collars are the budget-friendly choice you’ll find in most pet stores. They come in all sorts of styles and are a breeze to clean. Sounds convenient, right?

Well, hold on a sec. Those cheap nylon collars have a downside. Unlike the velvety smoothness of leather, nylon can sometimes rub your dog’s skin the wrong way, leading to irritation and chafing. Not cool, especially if your pup’s a leash-puller. Plus, some dogs are even allergic to nylon.

Now, leather dog collars are a bit different. They need a tad more care and a small upfront investment, but here’s the kicker – they last a doggone long time. Your furry buddy will adore the feel of that super-soft leather against their skin, and they won’t be itching to take it off. So, think about it – comfy leather or scratchy nylon? Your pup’s choice is clear!

Let’s chat about the magic of high-quality leather—it’s crafted to stand the test of time, we’re talking heritage-level quality here. You can count on it to be with your four-legged friend every step of the way.

Now, even the toughest collars can meet their match if your pup is determined enough. While our leather collars with metal fasteners are super sturdy (way better than those plastic ones), they’re not invincible. Just remember to keep the collar and leash out of their curious mouths when it’s downtime.

But no sweat! We’ve got your back with a lifetime warrantee on all our top-notch leather gear. If your furry buddy’s enthusiasm gets the best of the collar, we’ve got you sorted, just send it back to use and we will try to fix it for you.

Made To Order Dog Collars and Leashes

Personalize your dog’s accessories game with our personalized leather dog collar and leash set. Engraved and personalized name tag with name and telephone number, our handcrafted braided dog collar and leash set is not only a fashion statement but also a functional piece. Looking for custom gifts for dogs or dog owners? Our handmade leather collar and lead set is the answer! Make a statement with our handmade braided dog collar and lead, a must-have for any dog owner seeking a unique and personalized accessory for their furry friend.