best leather belt

Best leather belts made in Sweden!

Ok, first off, it is a little pompous of me to say Nordic EDC belts are the best leather belts made in Sweden. However, all humbleness or the lack thereof aside, our belts just might be the best leather belts made in Sweden. Let me explain.

1. Best leather from a world-renowned tannery

All our leather is full grain vegetable tanned leather from the world famous Tärnsjö Garvery in Sweden. Not only have they supplied leather to the most prestigious brands in the world, but they also produce the most sustainable leather in the world.

2. Heavy-duty construction

All our belts are made using 10oz (4mm) leather. This we believe is the perfect thickness keeping durability and comfort in mind. Also, we use solid brass hardware. Not only is it corrosion-resistant but also develops a great patina as time goes by

3. Perfect fit

What good is a belt if it doesn’t fit well? A super long or loose belt just looks sloppy. We make belts custom sized to your exact waist size.

4. Handmade here in Sweden

All our belts are handmade in Sweden by me. We take that extra step to finish the belts properly, the old-fashioned way. We bevel the edges to round them off for comfort and then finish them with a water-based dye and beeswax for that perfect edge!

By now, I hope I have justified my rather not-so-humble claim to be making the best leather belts in Sweden. Hope you got a little more insight into our belts. Here you can check out some of our best-selling belts.