Christmas 2022 gift ideas: for men who love selvedge denim and boots

So, it’s just 7 weeks to Christmas 2022 and you are still looking for Christmas gift ideas for your husband. We’ve all been there, done that. Men are typically not super helpful with a wish list of products that they would love to have as gifts either! If your man is into nice selvedge denim and goodyear welted boots, we’ve got you covered.

3 things to consider when gifting people who are into selvedge denim and boots this Christmas .

  1. What do they need/want?
  2. Is sustainable choice?
  3. How much does it cost vs value over time?

1. What do they need/want?

People who are into selvedge denim and good year welted boots are in it because they like the idea of products that age gracefully. Products that show fantastic patina that reflects their lifestyle. They like the idea that the people making those products are giving the attention and care to every piece they product. Many times they are also handmade and use very high quality materials. And typically they last a very very long time and look more beautiful the more they are used.

We have the prefect accessories to go with a good pair of jeans or boots; high quality leather belts and handmade leather wallets. Check out our combo-offers below.

2. What gift is a sustainable choice?

We are quite serious about sustainable choices. And we strongly believe that our range of nicely made, high quality, veg tanned leather items are a superb choice. Let me explain.

  • Veg tanned leather that we use is a by-product of the meat industry. So no animals are killed just for their leather. Instead of wasting the skin, it is also used up. No waste!
  • Veg tanned leather is not harmful like chrome tanned leather which, as the name suggests, contains chromium that is harmful to nature. Veg tanned leather uses tannins from natural tree barks and materials naturally found in nature.
  • Veg tanned leather items last a very long time when taken care of properly. It is just so much better than buying some plastic or polyester stuff.
  • Most of our products are repairable which reduces the need for new items. If it is beyond repair, many times the leather can be repurposed into other products. And finally, it is also sustainably recyclable.

3. How much does it cost vs value over time?

I get told all the time that Nordic EDC goods are expensive. And I always say, YES! they are. But they are also built with the most premium materials and will last you decades so the cost spread over that time is so cheap! In the short term they might seem expensive but in the long term it is just so much cheaper than the cheap products people buy today.

So let me explain myself. We use direct to consumer business model. And we avoid a lot of middle men costs! Most of our costs goes into high quality materials and to the craftsman.

  • Good raw materials – We buy the most premium leathers from Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden. They provide leather to some of the most premium brands in the world. In our products we are talking about 30-40% of the costs being the materials
  • Quality shipping – We all know fast, secured and reliable shipping is expensive. We offer free shipping to our customers but it does cost about 15% of the total order value.
  • Marketing – We spend about 10-15% in marketing on social media platforms.
  • Fair to the craftsmen – Handcrafting every product one by one takes time. And time is money. Every crafter wants to also make a decent income to be able to sustain  the craft in the long run. On average you can say about 25-30% is really the net income before tax etc.

If you think about most of the high street brands, you can see the mark ups made by the wholesaler, the distributor, the retailer that the manufacturer needs to compensate with lower costs in materials which equals to lower quality products. So you end up paying more for lower quality products. We think in today with the internet, we can be very efficient and meet you directly and run a very efficient operation.

4. Is there some promotion to save money anyways?

I hear you. As mentioned above, we have a very transparent pricing. And when you order multiple things at the same time, we save on shipping costs which we pass it on to you. So, we have created some awesome bundle products with our most popular belts. Add any wallet to your belt purchase and save 25% on the wallet!