leather belt for gun holster

Leather belt for gun holster

Before we look at a leather belt for gun holster, we need to understand what a gun holster is. A handgun holster is a device used to hold or restrict the undesired movement of a handgun, most commonly in a location where it can be easily withdrawn for immediate use. In Sweden, it is illegal to carry a gun and no ordinary citizen other than the police and armed forces carry guns. However, we have a lot of our customers from the USA who purchase our belts to carry the gun holster. I personally use the belt I am going to talk about below when I am working and need to carry a few tools with me while working on the house!

So, what are the properties of a gun belt aka holster belt? The single most important property of this tool belt is that it needs to be durable and strong enough to retain its integrity even when repeatedly twisted or bent. Enter Nordic EDC Heirloom Double Belt…Dan Dan Daaaaan 🙂

Gun Belt Holster Gun Belt

Holster Belt

This beast of a belt is made with two layers of 8oz – 9oz of premium vegetable tanned leather make a belt that will last for decades. With 5 holes and custom sizing, this is going to be your most perfect fitting leather belt. As always, the leather comes from one of the most famous tanneries in the world, Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden. You can choose any two pieces of leather e.g. black and brown. With it’s beautiful stitching on the inside, you can just unscrew the Chicago screws, turn the buckle and keeper to use it inside out essentially giving you two sturdy belts in one!

This belt, as we like to say, has “substantial” quality. It is the sturdiest leather belt you are ever going to own. You need to break in this belt like any high quality leather goods. But your patience and love is going to reward you for quite literally your lifetime! We are very confident that this is one indestructible piece of a wardrobe that you can pass it down generations, and that’s why we named our double belt the “Heirloom Belt”.

Check out our Heirloom Double Belt below. Also check out our Denim Blue Double Belt. It is slightly thinner than this best 🙂