Dark Edition Classic Belt

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  • Premium leather belt handmade in Sweden
  • 10-12oz. premium eco-friendly full grain vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö Garveri in Sweden
  • Features a matching leather keeper
  • Heavy duty PVD plated solid brass hardware
  • Burnished edges and lightly waxed by hand
  • Belt strap width: 1.57″ / 40mm
  • Stamped with our signature makers mark
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Every now and then we create something a little unique, a little extra, a little special in extremely limited quantities. Nordic EDC Dark Edition belt is one such product.

We wanted this belt to be really special with some unusual design choices. We started with the leather. For this one we chose a beautiful 10-12 Oz. premium eco-friendly full grain vegetable tanned leather from the Swedish Tärnsjö Garveri. This leather is a little stiff to start with but will become supple and age beautifully with some quality wear time. Over time this leather acquires a unique patina as they take in natural oils and are polished by repeated handling.

For hardware we looked around and were not satisfied with the usual brass or steel hardware. The leather is probably the darkest black we have seen! And we wanted to build on that dark theme. So, we checked with our suppliers to get some of the darkest or the dark hardware for us. We managed to source a very limited quantity of PVD coated solid brass hardware. With PVD coating you get a highly durable, long lasting, scratch resistant hardware. PVD is more expensive than traditional plating methods due to a more laborious and expensive plating process.

The result is this mean dark black belt! It is so dark we think you’ll get addicted to black!!!


  1. Wear your favourite pair of jeans
  2. Measure your waist circumference using a measuring tape
  3. Your waist circumference is equal to the belt size which is calculated from the tip of the buckle to the middle hole in the belt
  4. If you are between sizes, just choose the size above your actual measure or give us your exact measure and we will make it to size

Note: We want our belts to fit you perfectly. Hence, we offer our belts in 1cm increments.  Every belt is built once we receive an order and is sized to your exact waist measurement. Therefore, our belts are not returnable or refundable.

Size in cm

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2 reviews for Dark Edition Classic Belt

  1. Alexander Deleersnijder

    I received the belts, they’re very nice!
    How should I take care of them? Use oil, or, conditioner, or nothing at all?
    I love the patina leather develops, but would like to keep them “healthy” as long as possible.

    • Mano

      Hi Alexander,

      Great that you like the belt. The dark edition as well as the BootHunter collab belts are made with fantastic bridle butt leather. This leather is infused with a lot of waxes (see the white stuff on the back of the belt? That’s wax. You can use a hair dryer at very low setting to get it sucked in the belt again) and used to be used in equestrian trades.

      I would say that you really don’t have to take care too much. But if you feel like the leather might be getting a bit dry, just some nice shoe wax greese could be just fine to apply in thin layers every now an then. Don’t over do it. I use the same wax or oil solutions I use for my boots. E.g. Red Wings mink oil paste or Dubbin greese.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Marat Dyatko (verified owner)

    The belt fits perfectly and looks very nice. I’m very happy that it’s produced locally and in great quality.

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